Trust Demonstrator

Trust in the form of software

For illustration purposes, the concepts of automated trust generation and trustworthiness profiles were implemented in a demonstrator. In the demonstration, a use case is shown in which a company searches for potential business partners. The subsequent retrieval of information and evaluation for trustworthiness is automated by matching the company’s requirements with the trustworthiness profiles.

Expectations and trust

In the context of contract negotiations, trust is defined by the conviction that the partners will abide by a concluded agreement. In the demonstrator, a customer therefore formulates criteria that a potential contractual partner should fulfill in order to be trustworthy. In addition to company parameters, these include, in particular, evidence of capabilities and compliance with certain requirements. These criteria are sent to potential contract partners together with the actual inquiry. These then respond with their respective trustworthiness profiles.

How does the demonstrator work?

In the final step of the demonstrator, the trustworthiness profiles are compared with the requirements. The evaluation model used here is initially based on the proportion of requirements met. The algorithmic selection of potential partners to negotiate with is the subject of Legal Testbed.

Can you build trust through trust agents to machine actors? Test the trust demonstrator now!

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