What does the Testbed deliver?

In our Legal Testbed pilot project, we are currently developing a publicly accessible digital testbed which will enable companies to develop and carry out comprehensive tests on secure business processes in production and logistics systems. Based on the interaction between intelligent containers, autonomous vehicles and software agents, a range of use cases and scenarios are simulated in which machines negotiate with each other and conclude contracts. The testbed is all about creating contracts and then processing them within dynamic value networks. Three main topics are addressed which are key for Industry 4.0 collaborations.

Smart Contracts are a digital set of rules which help to process and implement contracts faster and more efficiently. Their biggest advantage is the automation of processes. An important aspect is to ensure that smart contracts are legally compliant and watertight.

The technology that smart contracts are based on is blockchain. Blockchains are used to automate payment procedures in value adding systems. Questions regarding how IT security is upheld in the blockchain are of particular significance.

Data is what makes it possible to control the complexities to be found in production and logistics resulting from new products and services. Central legal questions with regard to data possession, data ownership and data ownership transfer are being investigated.

How companies benefit

One of the most important requirements for the successful introduction of Industry 4.0 is the way the inherent risks are managed. In this context, significant roles are played by legal aspects as well as IT security. New technologies have to be legally compliant and automated contracts must be legally watertight and verifiable in order to prevail. By providing a range of tools, the Legal Testbed helps to reduce the risks and thus enables small and medium-sized companies in particular to deploy Industry 4.0 technologies.

We enable companies to test their Industry 4.0 components and related business processes in a digital testbed.

We develop concepts and tools for testing legal compliance as well as for the IT security and data protection aspects of automated contracts.


We provide blueprints, including model terms and conditions, contracts, apps and APIs as well as (base) connectors from International Data Spaces.

The results of the Legal Testbed are available in an open repository.

This gives companies access to both technical and legal concepts, which are easy to try out.

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